Mounting and connecting Hihome Smart Thermostat Button (TRV)

To put the Hihome Slim Thermostat button into operation, a number of steps have to be completed.

Firstly, it must be established that a thermostatic knob is being replaced and not an old-fashioned tap. A thermostatic valve which is already fitted with a (manual) thermostatic knob can be used. If the radiator is fitted with a simple turning knob that can be opened and closed, it is likely that no valve suitable for a thermostat button has been fitted and therefore a smart thermostat button cannot work. First fit a suitable valve if necessary.

Then determine whether the screw thread connection of the Hihome smart thermostat button without adapter fits. The Hihome smart thermostat button has the most common M30x 1.5mm thread. Adaptors are also included for the most common taps/valves. See this list for reference:

Mounting knob:

Step 1. Remove the existing knob and determine the fit of the Hihome Smart Thermostat knob and/or select the appropriate adapter.

Step 2. Insert the 2 AA batteries. Now the display will show LA flashing. The pin that controls the valve is now fully retracted. When this is finished, LA will light up continuously. Check that the pin is fully retracted.

Step 3. Now screw the Hihome Smart Thermostat knob onto the tap and tighten by hand. Usually no pliers are needed and fitting too tightly can damage the tap or the thermostat knob.

Step 4. The display is still showing LA continuously. Now press the round knob. LA will again be shown flashing until the operating pin has opened the tap completely. The smart thermostat button is now calibrated.

Step 5. Log the Hihome Smart Thermostat button via the Hihome App onto the already installed Zigbee Gateway.

Linking with the Hihome App.

Step 1. Check that the Zigbee Gateway is installed and activated.

Step 2. To bring the Hihome clever thermostat button into pairing mode, turn the knob to the OF position (anti-clockwise). Then press the knob until "- -" is visible. The knob is now in pairing mode.

Step 3. In the device screen of the Hihome Zigbee Gateway in the Hihome App press Add subdevice. The smart thermostat button will be recognized. Confirm with Completed.

Step 4. Give the Thermostat button a name and add it to a room as required.

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