With which radiator valves are Hihome Smart Radiator Thermostats compatible?

Check whether your radiator is equipped with a thermostatic valve. This is easy to determine. If you currently have a manually operated thermostatic radiator valve (TRV), you can use the Hihome Smart TRV in 90% of cases. If you have a simple manual ON/OFF valve you cannot use a TRV.
The Hihome Smart Radiator Thermostat is based on the commonly used M30x1.5 thread. You can replace existing TRVs of the following brands without the need for an adapter:

Most radiator valves other than M30x1.5 can be installed with one of the 4 adapters supplied in the box.

For Giacomini and Roca thermostatic mixers, an adapter (type 1) is supplied in the box.

For Danfoss model RAV and RAC-N thermostatic valves, an adapter (type 2) is supplied in the box.

For thermostatic valves from Oventrop model UniXD, Danfoss RA-A,B,C and FAR, an adapter (type 3) is included in the box.

For Caleffi and Emmeti thermostatic valves, an adapter (type 4) is included in the box.

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