Reset a smart plug

When you want to add a Hihome smart plug to your Smart Home you must first reset it. 

1. Switch on the Smart Plug by pressing the button. The light now goes on. If the light now flashes, the plug is already reset and ready to pair using the App. If the light is on continuously, press and hold the button for 5 seconds. The plug will switch off. Now press the button again and the plug will switch on and the light will blink.

2. The plug has been reset.


If you want to reset a Hihome Smart Plug that has already been added to the App, select the plug in question and click on the pencil icon. At the bottom you will see "delete device". Click on this and you are then given the choice of deleting the device (=reset) or deleting and erasing data. The latter means that all data for this plug will also be deleted from the Hihome Cloud (permanently).

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