Add Hihome Zigbee/Wi-Fi Gateway

To add Zigbee devices and sensors to your home, you need a Zigbee Gateway. Below we show you how to easily add the Hihome Zigbee WiFi Gateway.

1. Open the Hihome Smart App and click on "+" or Add device.


2. Press "Auto Scan" on the screen. The Hihome Smart App will search for devices that are in pairing mode and ready for pairing.

3. Ensure that the Zigbee WiFi Gateway is in pairing mode. When the gateway is powered on when it comes out of the box, the blue LED will light up continuously and the green LED will blink. This indicates that the gateway is in pairing mode. If the green LED doesn't blink and the blue LED is not on, reset the gateway by pressing and holding the button for 5 seconds. After releasing the button, the gateway will restart in pairing mode. Confirm that the green LED is blinking (2x per second) and the blue LED is on continuously.

4. Once the device has been found, it will be displayed.

5. Click Next and complete the activation. You might be asked to confirm the WiFi network and password. Make sure your smartphone is connected to the WiFi network you want to connect the smart device to. NOTE: This must be a 2.4Ghz only WiFi network. Smart devices do not work with 5Ghz WiFi networks and use in combination with dual-band WiFi networks often causes problems. For an explanation, please read this article:

6. Change the name of the device, if necessary.

7. The Zigbee Gateway is ready to add Zigbee sub-devices.

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