Add Hihome Smart Wi-Fi device manually

To add a Hihome Smart WiFi device manually, follow the steps below.

1. Open the Hihome Smart App and click on "+" or Add device.

2. Make sure the device to be added is in pairing mode. If necessary, follow the specific instructions to reset the device.

A Hihome Smart plug in pairing mode will give a fast blinking LED. A Hihome Smart LED in pairing mode will flash rapidly.

Select the type of device you want to add from the screen below.

3. Make sure that at the time of pairing, your smartphone is connected to the WiFi network you want to connect the smart device to. NOTE: This must be a 2.4Ghz only WiFi network. Smart devices do not work with 5Ghz WiFi networks and use in combination with dual-band WiFi networks often causes problems. For an explanation, please read this article:

4. Then the device will be found and added to your home. 

5. You can now change the name of the device and add it to a room. For example: Floor lamp living room

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