Home/Family Management - Add Home/Family

In the Hihome Smart App you can create a Home for a house or part of a house. We also call this a Family. In this way you can organise your devices within the home or family and also control access to them. 

Example: You have your home accessible to your family members. These family members can be invited to control the devices via their own Hihome App account. If you also have a home office and do not want your family members to have access to the devices in the home office, then create a separate Home/Home/Family. You can also invite other users to this Home/Home/Family. This could be a staff member or a colleague, for example.

1. You have created your first Home/Home/Family. In our example, this is Academy.

2. Click on the name of the Home/Home Family, in our case Academy, and the Home Management option appears.

3. Now choose to add a Home/Home/Family by Add Family. 

4. You can now add an additional Home/Home/Family. Enter a name and location. Default rooms are now added to this Home/Home/Family. You can change the names of rooms, the number of rooms and the order later.

5. You can also specify a location for this Home/Home/Family. By default, the location of the smartphone is selected (if location service is enabled). It is also possible to set a location manually. Setting the location is not necessary, but it is recommended if you want to use smart scenarios where weather or time of sunrise and sunset are important.

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