Hihome Video Cloud Storage

Hihome Cameras and Doorbells are all equipped with a microSD card option for storing images. A sometimes safer alternative is Hihome Video Cloud Storage. In that case, the images are not stored locally but safely in the Cloud. So if a camera is stolen, the images remain available in the Cloud. 

Features Video Cloud Storage:

- Recording images based on motion detection. In order to efficiently use your internet/WiFi connection and save storage space, only the moments when motion detection is detected are recorded. So it is not the case that images are stored 24/7. It is therefore important to set the camera's motion detection properly. You can easily test this by (temporarily) setting up motion detection notifications on your smartphone. You will then receive notifications when movement is detected.

- The recordings are uploaded encrypted (AES encrypted and via a TLS channel) and are therefore stored securely. Only you can view and play back the images, even if the camera is stolen. If you want to keep the images, download them to your smartphone.

- You can connect multiple devices to the account/home and view the images with multiple devices. This way, family members can also use it.

Storage subscriptions:

There are two subscriptions, both of which can be purchased per month or per year.

Basic plan: recordings in case of detection are saved for 14 days. So you have 14 days to search and watch the images again and possibly store them locally on the smartphone. The cost of the Basic Plan is €3.99 for 30 days or €39.99 for 365 days.

Premium Plan: Recordings are saved for 30 days in the event of detection. So you have 30 days to search and watch the images again and possibly store them locally on the smartphone. Premium Plan costs €8.99 for 30 days or €89.99 for 365 days.

Subscriptions are valid per camera. If you have several cameras and want to store their images in the Cloud, you will need several subscriptions.

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